Natural Eating

Natural Eating

Hey there!! Welcome to Naturally the Taylors! Eating healthy? avoiding preservatives? finding natural remedies? It all seems so overwhelming, am I right?? My goal is to show you just how EASY it can be!

I’m Haley, and let me just start out by saying that I used to be one of those people who thought that “healthy people” were absolutely crazy. Seriously. I was convinced that my blueberry Poptarts were healthy because FRUIT, obviously.


I also need to let you know how awful of a cook I was. I mean, seriously awful. Like, my family would actually be impressed when I cooked pasta without it boiling over and catching the stove on fire. PASTA. That’s so embarrassing to even be typing right now. So when I tell how totally easy it is now for me to not only cook, but use ALL NATURAL ingredients, you have to believe me. Transitioning to natural ingredients can definitely be a bit overwhelming at first, but that’s what I’m here for- to show you easy peasy recipes and ingredient swaps!

Other than real ingredients in our food, essential oils have been another game changer in our house. Because who REALLY knows what’s in all those little pills we take everyday, the household cleaners we use, even the candles we burn throughout our houses?! How excited would you be if I told you that essential oils have taken over all of these things in our house? Yep, we know exactly what we’re breathin in and putting in our bodies over here!

Disclaimer: We aren’t PERFECT. Our goal is a natural lifestyle with absolutely no preservatives or harmful chemicals, but we are still so far off. We still go out to get Mexican food with the fam and stuff our faces with chips and queso on occasion. We still go out for ice cream with our friends. But on a daily basis in our home, we work with all natural, chemical and preservative free products!

I think it’s important for you guys to know how imperfect we are, because I know (for me at least!!) sometimes we get so caught up in people’s “health and wellness” blogs that we get discouraged because it seems like SUCH an impossible task. So let’s work together and encourage one another to work towards a life free of harmful substances!


Naturally, the Taylors