Hey Friends! So Chris and I just came home from an wonderful vacation to Colorado with some of our friends, and want to share our adventures with you! If you’ve never been to Colorado, it’s just as gorgeous as everyone says it is! This was both of our first time that far west, and we spent the whole trip in awe of the beautiful picture God painted when he created this state. We’re so excited to share some of our favorite moments of the trip with you!


Our flight landed in Denver around 7:30 Saturday morning. We headed to the little town of Golden Colorado  to the race expo where the runners could pick up their packets & race gear. For those of you who don’t already know, one of the highlights of the trip was for Chris, Mara, and Joe to take a bus up to 10,000ft of elevation, and run a marathon through the mountains of CO. Crazy right!? Anyways, Mara and Joe were volunteering at the race expo, so Chris and I decided to walk around and explore.



Sunday Morning the marathoners left the house at 3am to catch the bus up to the start of the race. I slept in and leisurely got ready and headed to the finish line to wait for them.

All four of them PR’d! For those of you non-runners like me, that means they beat their personal record!

Side note : This lady had a baby wallaby  AS HER PET. This made me seriously consider selling our home and moving out to Colorado.

Sunday night after we ate and let the runners relax and rest their legs for a bit, Chris, Mara and I went for a walk to admire the gorgeous scenery of Morrison, CO.



Monday morning we needed some serious caffeine, so we headed out into town to find some. We came across this adorable coffee shop called The Morrison Joe, and got ourselves some coffee and  matcha!

Then we went to Red Rocks Amphitheater and explored and hiked for the afternoon.

Of course I brought a ton of oils with me on our trip, and this one in particular was AMAZING at supporting our lungs while hiking to high altitudes where it can be hard to breathe.

Then we climbed another nearby mountain. Literally climbed. I don’t have any good quality photos to share, but trust me, the view was gorgeous!


Tuesday we left the house at 5am to head to Estes Park, where us girls went on an 8 hour white water rafting trip, and the guys went on a full day fly fishing trip! We don’t have too many photos of this day since we were in the water for the majority of it, but we were able to snap a few to share!

We saw so much amazing wildlife on our ride to the top of the river where we started rafting.  Tons of elk, 11 moose, 2 bald eagles + a baby eagle, and so much more! It was amazing!

We rode through the Never Summer Range, where there’s snow all year long.

I did get a pretty amazing video of some elk roaming around. Check it out by clicking here!!!

We happened to pick the COLDEST day of the rafting year so far, and were totally unprepared! We showed up in shorts and a swimsuit, and luckily we each packed a light jacket, but we were freezing! The wind was blowing like crazy and every time the water splashed us we felt like icicles. Luckily, 2 of the rafting guides noticed how cold we were, and lent us some jackets and pants! We looked RIDICULOUS, but it was so fun!

The boys had an amazing time on their fishing trip, they caught 24 greenback cutthroat trout!



Wednesday was our last day in Colorado, and it didn’t disappoint. We spent the first part of the afternoon riding this 4 person Surrey Bike around Washington Park.


After we worked up an appetite, we headed over to Voodoo Donuts in downtown Denver! (Not at all natural, but I did try their vegan donuts, and they were super tasty!)


We had such a great time with great friends this week, and hope this helped you to feel a part of our adventure! If you have any favorite vacation destinations, we’d love to hear about them! We’re always up for an adventure!


Naturally, The Taylors