Essential Oils 101

Essential Oils 101

When I first heard about oils, I was a bit overwhelmed because they were so new. If you’re like me, I want to take away the mystery behind EO tonight and help you get some really easy, practical tips on how to simply start applying them to your lifestyle as well as a bit of information about what they are!

Our team is now at 13,000 members which shows us that Essential Oils really, truly are becoming apart of a lifestyle. They are bringing healthy options to families all across the world and in turn those families are coming away with incredible testimonies of how oils have changed their lives. Mamas now have tools to help their babies when they are sick, instead of feeling helpless and unable to have any options when you’re just supposed to “wait it out” until that winter yuck passes. Women are finding options to support their hormonal systems. Men have whole food, natural meal replacements after workouts. And our homes are transitioning to a “chemical free environment” that’s safe for everyone.

I want to start with the question, “Who is Young Living”?
Young Living was started by D. Gary Young over 20 years ago. He is what we call the “father of distillation”. When Gary purchased the first plot of Land 20 years ago to harvest lavender he told his wife, Mary, “One day 1000’s of people are going to come and visit this farm”. He had a vision to bring essential oils to every home across the globe. And today, millions of families lives have been changes and thousands upon thousands of feet have trekked across that Mona, Utah farm.

+They have their roots as a family owned company and Gary and Mary still run, own and operate Young Living as well as the farms today!. Young Living owns their own farms complete with their own distilleries all across the globe.

+Young Living has developed their own “Seed to Seal” promise that ensures that they have inspected the purity of the oil from the planting of the seed to the sealing of the bottle.

+Because of the Seed to Seal promise, they are what we call, “beyond organic”. When Young Living buys land for a new farm they even check the history of that land to ensure there has never been any pesticides or herbicides used on it that could leak into the crop.

+Young Living Essential Oils don’t have any additives in them and are complete pure. This makes them safe for Ingestion.


The main reason we as a team have chosen to purchase our Essential Oils through Young Living is because every time we are buying them, we are supporting our friend’s dream. We are “buying local” and investing into their kid’s future, their families dream, and their own business. Each order helps pay for a little girl’s ballet classes or a little boy’s tennis shoes. When you sign up for a Young Living membership with your friend, you are ultimately saying, “I believe in you and the business you are building.”


What are Oils?
We actually use essential oils everyday. They are in our toothpaste, our laundry detergent, perfume, candles, candy, deodorant, and shampoos. Anything that has been scented has essential oils in them. But not all oils are created equally. Food and perfume grade oils are typically synthetic unless stated otherwise. These two types of oils cannot be used therapeutically for the benefits of your health. Synthetic oils in fact can do more damage to your body by using them because they can store as toxins, unable to be released.

Young Living Essential Oils are a pure, therapeutic grade and work with your body to assist your health. Within 20 minutes of applying an oil, they can be found in every cell of your body. These types of pure oils are steam distilled from plants and contain the hormones, immunity, scents and essence of each one.

It’s a highly highly temperamental process to distill essential oils. They are steamed over a long period of time and low heat. If any step is missed or if any step is performed at the wrong time, the entire crop can go to waste. Gary Young recently said that it takes him 5 years to train the men who work the distilleries. This is in order to ensure that they know and are confident in the process and timing of each step. When a plant is distilled correctly, it will contain every constituent of that plant therefore have the most benefit for your body.



How to Use Oils – Topical
Oils are great to use directly on your skin. The first place to start is the bottom of your feet. This is a non sensitive area and is the go-to place for little ones. You can apply oils neat (undiluted) or diluted with coconut or Young Living’s V6 oil. When you’re applying oils to babies or children, always start by diluting them first.


When you breath in essential oils, those molecules are entering your nose and being absorbed by your blood stream. This method is a great starting point that can be a quick and easy way to receive the benefits of oils. You can drop them into your hand and breathe them in when you’re on the go. Or you can add oils to your diffuser and leave it running throughout the day.


When ingesting oils, you are getting the most benefit from every drop. You can drop oils that can be taken internally under the tongue, swabbed on the inside of the cheek, or add them to a vegetable capsule and swallowed.

To see which oils can be taken internally, you can peel back the label on the bottle to read about their suggested use! Easy!


Calming. Soothing. Great for skin. Perfect before bedtime. Add into coconut oil for your skin care routine. Use when battling spring seasonal issues.


Cleansing. Use while cleaning sticky surfaces. Use while cleaning crayon off the wall. Add to water for a cleansing boost. Supportive of respiratory health.


Hot/Icy feeling. Keep away from eyes. Great to use across head and neck for head tension. Diffuse while working. Supports the intestinal system. Use after a big meal.


The #1 oil for skin care. Add to coconut oil for your skin care routine. Great for youthful looking skin. Key ingredient in an oil blend called, “Brain Power”. Research is being done on this powerful oil and it’s properties for health. Look into the research on this one!


One of Young Living’s most popular blends. Great to diffuse during the winter when germs are entering your house. Supports healthy immune function. It has a warm, Christmas scent.


Promotes wellness. Supports the body’s natural response to injury and irritation. Add to a hot tea for a soothing throat drink.


Use after a big meal. Supportive of the digestive system. Add to water or take in a capsule.


Hot/Icy Feeling. Apply topically after exercise to muscles. Apply to neck and back while experiencing head tension.


Cleansing. Diffuse to clean and freshen air. Apply to skin to enjoy the outdoors annoyance free.


Unique blend of 3 types of Eucalyptus. Supportive of the respiratory system. Apply to chest or diffuse.


Stress Away
Our favorite oil. A blend of vanilla and lime. Use to combat every day stresses.


Premium Starter Kit
These oils all come in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. It also contains:
+Home Diffuser
+Samples to give away or carry in your purse
+Roller filament to add to an oil.
+Wholesale Membership giving you 24% off all oils and products
+Samples of Ningxia Red, Young Living’s whole food, wolfberry energy drink
The PSK starts at $160. You have the freedom to choose which diffuser you want to start with!


When you sign up, you get to choose a diffuser to come with your oils! A diffuser didn’t originally come with a Starter Kit, so you are in for a big treat to get one for free!


The Community
Over and over we hear that the community is what really bringing people into our team. Learning about essential oils and changing our health is a journey. We want to be the ones to walk with you on it! We have facebook groups, online classes, make and take DIY classes, resources, and more. After you sign up, I’ll get you added!

Click below to purchase your very own Premium Starter Kit. When enrolling as a wholesale member with this kit, you are not required to sell a thing! But if you do decide you want to make some $$, you absolutely can! Email me at if you have any questions about signing up.


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