Essential Oils

Essential Oils


Essential Oils are subtle, volatile liquids distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds! They are highly concentrated and much more potent than dried herbs. ( ONE drop of an essential oil could come from the distillation of a WHOLE plant!) ( WHAAAT??) Not to be confused with your typical oils (vegetable oil, corn oil, olive oil…), these are not at all greasy, and a VERY little bit goes a long way!


Here’s where a lot of people get confused. We all see essential oils pretty much everywhere we go, from the grocery store, to  So they’re all the same, right? Unfortunately, no.  The reason the price tends to be so much lower at retail stores is that chemists have done an excellent job at “creating” their own versions of essential oils. They may smell the same, but they lack therapeutic benefits and in some cases can even be a health risk. These “off brand” oils are made up of various chemicals, therefore completely crushing our plans of living naturally! Not cool!

The only place I recommend purchasing Essential Oils from is Young Living. Their oils are the purest quality available, produced from plants at their own farms! Their Seed to Seal promise explains their process from start to finish. If you want to read in more detail this process, click here!

When I first started reading about essential oils, I checked out so many different companies and retailers. I ended up falling in love with Young Living and their Seed to Seal promise. They are the world leader in essential oils, and the guarantee to provide the highest standards to provide safe and effective products! Click here to read about the Young Living Difference.


There are three main ways to go about using your oils! Topically, Internally, or Diffusing.

TOPICALLY : Always makes sure to look at the label before applying oils to your skin! Some oils need to be diluted with a carrier oil (coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil) (I use Young Living’s V-6 vegetable oil complex because it’s nice and light and doesn’t make
your skin FEEL oily!). Dilution with a carrier oil doesn’t in any way affect the way the oils work. Actually, it helps YOU out because it prevents waste and makes the oils last longer! Some don’t need to be diluted, but some absolutely do to prevent skin irritation, so make sure to check those bottles and always avoid your eyes!

INTERNALLY : Some oils can be taken internally via vegetable capsule (like these), a few drops in your water, or even used in cooking to add flavor + health benefits! Young Living has made it SUPER easy to tell which oils are safe to ingest by placing a white label on them! If you’re adding drops into your water, make sure to use a glass cup or bottle ( I love my Kate Spade bottle that my sweet husband got me), as some oils may erode plastic!

DIFFUSING : Make sure you use a cold-air diffuser to atomize a microfine mist of your oils into the air! No heat! Heat can disturb the therapeutic benefits of the oils, and even create toxic compounds. So no heat!! Research has shown that diffusing oils with cold air diffusers may reduce bacteria, relax the mind and body, improve
concentration, relive headaches, promote weight loss, and so much more! BONUS: It makes your house smell SOOO good!! Young Living has a great selection of diffusers, so you can choose which one is best for you!




I’m so glad you asked! In my opinion the very best way to start is with the Premium Starter kit! With this you get :

  • a Diffuser of your choice
  • 11 of the most popular Oils
  • Sample packets to share with all your friends & family
  • 2 Ningxia Red samples
  • a product guide
  • member resource materials
  • & more!!
  • OH, and 24% off ALL future purchases through Young Living!

You don’t even have to sell to get the discount, but if you choose to, you have all of the resources already there for you!!

Check out my Blog Post The Starter Kit that will Change Your Life for the scoop on all the oils that come in it (and their uses) and your diffuser options!

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