Meet Haley

Meet Haley

Hi! I’m Haley! Let me introduce myself!

I live in northern Virginia, about 40 miles south of DC, in the town I grew up in. I’m a hairstylist at a salon called Bubbles and I’ve worked there for about 7 years now. I’m also a Young Living Essential Oils Distributer, and truly believe that everyone should have a great collection of oils of their own! I love baking, puppies, and all things gold.

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Almost 4 years ago I married a sweet county boy from the mountains of North Carolina (talk about totally opposite!), who is basically a pro runner. Like, some Saturdays he goes out for a 22 mile run just for FUN. Who does that??  Definitely not me, I feel like I’ve done enough exercise for the day after just walking the 2 blocks (not even) from my salon to Starbucks.

 We have 2 fur babies, Sophie and Emery. Can you guess who’s who??


 Aren’t they just the cutest!? I mean come on, even if you aren’t a “dog person”, how can you not love those sweet faces!? Emery is an 80lb Newfoundland, (she’s the baby!!), and Sophie is a 7lb Peekapoo! And YES, they love each other and get along great! (as well as any sisters do at least!)! Don’t worry, you’ll definitely be seeing and hearing about them often!

I can’t wait to get to know you guys! Make sure to check out our other social media pages so we can be friends!!


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