Did someone say FREE oils!?

Did someone say FREE oils!?


earn points towards free oils

Did someone say FREE OILS??? That sounds way too good to be true, right?? Nothing in life is ever “free” these days. Seriously though, you can earn free oils and products from Young Living just by ordering oils and everyday household items that you would be ordering anyways!! Young Living offers a program called Essential Rewards where you earn points back on every order you place! It’s a monthly auto-ship program that you can change each month depending on what you want/need! It’s kinda like Starbucks’ rewards system! You buy a drink, you get points towards a free drink! I earn back tons of points + free products every single month just by switching some of my chemical filled household items to safe versions from Young Living! It requires a minimum order of 50pv, and gets you TONS of benefits! Like I said in my post about the Premium Starter Kit, I’m obsessed with getting a good deal, and this is definitely THE best! I mean, seriously, I don’t see Target giving me 20% back plus $200+ in free products when I shop with them!


Not only do you earn points towards free products, you also get a discounted shipping rate (because why spend extra money on shipping if you don’t have to!? Thats basically my life motto!), exclusive bonuses, and special gifts! Here’s everything you need to know!

  • Easy Monthly Shipments : I love this! You get to choose which day of the month you want
    your order to be placed (you can change it each month if you need to!), and Young Living will send you a reminder email the day before so you don’t have to stress about remembering to add/change things before it’s too late!
  • Discounted Shipping : This one speaks for itself. And I love it! Seriously, if you ask my husband he’ll tell you I’m a bit of a crazy person when it comes to paying for shipping. I don’t order ANYTHING online without trying to find a free or discounted shipping coupon!
  • Exclusive Rewards Points : This is the best part! And to make it even better, the longer you’re a part of the essential rewards program, the more points you earn per order! Let me break it down for you!

Months 1-3 : Earn 10% back from each Essential Rewards order PV
Months 4-24 : Earn 20% back from each Essential Rewards order PV
Months 25+ :  Earn 25% back from each Essential Rewards order PV

How awesome is that?!? I literally get more excited about my orders that I place with my rewards points than my regular orders, because FREE!

  • Exclusive Loyalty Gifts : You’ll get a free BONUS oil in your order placed during your 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th months ordering through the program! FREE. FREE. FREE.

monthly promos

Another super cool way to earn free products through this program is their Monthly Promos, which automatically add free products to your shopping cart based on how much you are spending! For example, this month when your order meets 100PV,  a free 5ml bottle Christmas Spirit will be added to your cart! When you reach 190PV, they’ll add a 5ml bottle of Christmas Spirit, a 15ml of Tea Tree, & a 15ml bottle of Eucalyptus Radiata. When you reach 250PV, you’ll receive all of the free goodies listed above, PLUS a 15ml bottle of Pine and a Young Living Christmas Ornament! And when you reach 300PV, you’ll receive everything above PLUS a 15ml bottle of Frankincense! ($210.44 retail value for FREE!)

The Free products you’ll receive for the Monthly Promo change each month, so you’re always getting opportunities to try out new oils for free! It’s literally the. best.

Ready to sign up to EARN FREE OILS???

First, make sure you’re signed up as a wholesale member! If you aren’t yet, check out my post The Starter Kit that will Change your Life, which is the best way to start your journey with oils!

Already read that  and ready to get started with essential oils??

If you’re already a member, log into your Young Living account, go to your Virtual Office, and click Essential Rewards to get started!!

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